Whomst Was At the Tombst?

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Show Notes

Okay, Theophiloi, let's get this clear right now: Roy Thomas was the second editor-in-chief of Marvel after Stan Lee, and is often considered to have been the first comics creator to make the leap from fan to pro, so yeah, he's basically Luke. Hope that clears it all up. Now that that's done, break off a hunk of traitor bread and join us as we finally finish with the canonical gospels! This week: the back half of the Gospel of John, aka the Gospel of Travis! Enjoy a not insignificant amount of Gay Content, a good bit of Peter Rehab, and learn that Pontius Pilate was maybe not such a bad guy after all. Plus, a message to all our time traveler listeners!

Topics of discussion: another trip to the bar, Lazarus, the Beloved Disciple(s), Apostle vs. Disciple, Mary Magdalene, the Da Vinci Code, and the Magdalena, Christopher Marlowe, King James, and Calcagno causing quite a bit of trouble, John Linen (ugh), a much better idea for Boba Fett, "Catamite," Erastes and Eromenos, Judas (not Iscariot), a weird verse to have on a poster, jalapeno poppers at the last supper, Dante's traitor power rankings, Olive Garden and Golden Corral and their relationship to the divine, the etymology of "Iscariot," Satan going to sleep with a little bread blanket, Teen Peter, St. Procla, the difference between martyrdom narratives and RomComs, Mary of Clopas, the Levirate Law, the Three Marys, the Spear of Destiny, the Passion of the Christ, the Top Five Victims of Crucifixion In History, a very specific number of fish.

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Choice Quotes

  • "Yeah, there's quite a bit of bread content in John. Bread Johntent." — Chris
  • "I'm gonna take this jalapeno popper, I'm gonna put it in some ranch, and whoever's mouoth I pop it into is gonna call the cops on me." — Benito
  • "Yeah, that's the whole book. It's called Teen Peter, it's by Chris and Benito, flip it open, it says "Peter was a teen, a-doy. The end. Footnote: listen to Apocrypals."" — Benito