The Roasting of the Apostle Paul

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Show Notes

Hello, Theophiloi and Cheerful Givers! Looking for a nice way to relax, chill out, and maybe even fall asleep? Good news: we've got the book for you. Our old nemesis St. Paul is back with a second letter to the church at Corinth, and pal, it is a snooze... right up until he starts talking about Super-Apostles and how he was beaten with sticks. After that, it gets pretty wild, so do your best to stay awake through the whole thing. Plus, the one piece of the Pauline Epistles that we 100%, absolutely agree with.

Topics of discussion: Bible Bible, a special day for talking about Laser Swords: The Movie, Paul's work friends, the invention of sarcasm, the Aroma of Jesus, Jars of Clay, the difficulty in building the churches of Achaea, the Super-Apostles, Frieza, a real Colton Burpo Situation.

Hymnal: "The Time Is Now" by John Cena

Offertory: Each person should do as he has decided in his heart, so if you enjoy the show, head to, for the Apocrypals love a cheerful giver.