The Almighty Ambush Bear

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Show Notes

Spoiler warning, Theophiloi, but it turns out that the Book of Lamentations is, in fact, actually a straight up book just full of lamentations. Jeremiah is back and surprisingly less wordy, so join us as we try to goof our way through this very depressing book about God putting hard times on Jerusalem circa 586 BCE. Plus: the complete New Testament Rap!

Topics of discussion: A very confrontational installment of the Correctional Confessional, Gotta Get That Good Newt™, ranking the Seven Species, IIIsaiah, Tisha B'Av, the saddest food, a very bad joke from Benito, the invention of the slow clap, donkey centaurs, what is an ostrich and can you eat it, a very good joke from Benito, a mystery bird.