Return of the Twelve-Foot Volcel Lion

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Show Notes

Just so you know, Theophiloi, both of us have definitely read the Book of Exodus, as planned. Definitely. Especially me. Remember Pharaoh? And how about that Moses, huh? Anyway, this week, we're taking a break from scripture to answer your listener questions! Plus: the Renowned Jester of the Lord!

Topics of discussion: What surprised us about Bible, what we're worried about covering, further reading, disciples smooching and/or playing D&D, the Armor of God, cleric domains, Batman as the model of a sacred text, John son of James, planning our next trip to the bar, favorite books, "Thunder, Perfect Mind," the Noah No-Prize, saints we'd like to fight, Triclavianism.

Hymnal: "21 Questions" by 50 Cent feat. Nate Dogg

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