Multipals 02: Aaron Higashi

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Show Notes

Don't be jealous, dear Theophiloi; just because we have some new friends doesn't mean we still don't love you just as much! In this episode, we're talking to another luminary of Biblical TikTok, Aaron Higashi! And look: I'll read the Didache eventually. I've just got a lot on my plate right now, and we have to find out what the Biblical scholarly consensus is on Wolverine's best costume!

Check out Aaron's TikTok at:

Topics of Discussion: A Handsomest-Man-off, OnlyPostles (dang it we should've called it OnlyPals), theatres of study, a new grudge (Huey Lewis riff), careers in Bible and other dreams, the best kind of sword, objectively dope sky wizards, doing violence to the text, super-turbonerds, superstars of theology, Send Benito To The Moon For Ever, prying meaning and joy from the jaws of life.

Hymnal: "Were Gonna Be Friends" by the White Stripes.

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