Multipals 01: Dr. Dan McClellan

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Show Notes

Hello, friends and neighbors, and welcome (uh, back?) to a brand new sub-series: Multipals! In these episodes, we're going to be sitting down with guests to talk about Bible and, most likely, Wolverine from the X-Men. To kick things off, we've got the Main Dude of Bible Studies TikTok, Dr. Dan McClellan, here to talk to us about how he tries to clear up misconceptions about the Bible and theology, and why it's very important to wear a t-shirt with Lobo or Venom on it while you're at it. That's right, y'all: we finally found someone else who likes to talk about Bible and will admit to being really into Todd McFarlane's Spawn.

Make sure to check out Dan at and on TikTok @maklelan!

Topics of Discussion: Beard guidelines vs. Beard Law, the battle against misinformation, snakes (literal), a weird rock, the new hotness in being wrong, God's wife, a record number of tetragrammatons, Disciple Babies, Crisis On Infinite Sources, Inserting the Ark (not like that), adjusting the lens of your theology, a divisive binary concerning Uncanny X-Men #268, so-and-so go on Apo.

Hymnal: "Deep Fried Frenz" by MF DOOM

Apocrypals is edited by Editorial Deacon Lucas Brown.

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