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Show Notes

You there, Theophiloi, what day is to-day? What? It's mid-November? Well, we keep the spirit of Halloween in our hearts year round on this podcast, so we're going ahead with our annual tradition of Haints 'n' Saints with a second pair of stories starring Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the Master of the Good Name! Join us as the Besht Around takes on an evil antisemite with an army of dinosaurs and Ninth House Bone Monsters and then turns his attention to a somewhat low-key intervention in a swamp monster murder plot. And don't worry: it ain't a real cat.

Topics of Discussion: Jack Black’s latest star turn, being a Dune Guy, Adrian Brody being surprisingly ripped, the origins of the piñata, Fire-Lions and Figer-tires, loose bones, microwaves that make monsters, the final boss is hogs, why it’s good to know The Name, purifying yourself in the waters of lake Minnetonka, writing your sins on the driveway, beware of the Sin Blob, don’t anger a body of water, Denny O’Neill is defensive, David Blaine: Professional Liar, Orphan Orange and other wild Otter Pop Lore.

Hymnal: "What's New Pussycat" by Tom Jones, "Toccata in D Minor" by Richard Elliot

Offertory: As Enoch writes, "Whoever of you spends gold or silver for his brother's sake, he will receive ample treasure in the world to come." Support the show via http://ko-fi.com/apocrypals, or check out Official Apocrypals merchandise designed by Erica Henderson! https://www.teepublic.com/stores/apocrypals?ref_id=18246

Black Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. Heck 12. Isaiah 54:17

Opening Verse

And when the fire had reached the topmost pitch of violence, the paritz himself walked into the midst of the flames. There he summoned Satan to him. And the two demons of evil stood in the flames and laid all their powers together for a supreme assault that would consume the Master. — RABBI ISRAEL AND THE SORCERER - THE STORY OF THE TERRIBLE STRUGGLE BETWEEN RABBI ISRAEL, MASTER OF THE HOLY NAME, AND THE PARITZ WHO WAS IN LEAGUE WITH THE EVIL ONE. AND HOW RABBI ISRAEL CONQUERED p.69

Listener Notes

Choice Quotes

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