Cold Brew Paul

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Show Notes

One half of your humble Sons of Thunder is joining you from real-for-real quarantine, dear Theophiloi, but that won't stop us from griping our way through our first canonical New Testament book of this calendar year. What might stop us is Mr. Paul in prime form, declaring himself to know more about Jesus than anyone on Earth or in Heaven, but we try to get through it in an episode that could perhaps best be described as "adversarial." On the other hand, we do find out that the Bible says gender is fake.

Topics of discussion: Benito in quarantine (Quarantenito), angels v saints, Murder Bears Moonshine and Mayhem, the Circumcision Party, that meme with Hannibal Buress, a Christlike attitude towards metaphors, the many problems associated with a too-tight foreskin, fruit of the spirit.

Hymnal: "Do Just What I Say" by the Woggles, "Fernando" by Stephen Mann of English Martyrs Church (

Offertory: As Enoch writes, "Whoever of you spends gold or silver for his brother's sake, he will receive ample treasure in the world to come." Support the show via, or check out Official Apocrypals merchandise designed by Erica Henderson!

Black Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. Heck 12. Isaiah 1:17.