Blaise, Your Dead Homie

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Show Notes

Cough up that fishbone and tighten up your bowstrings, Theophiloi, because it's time to dive into a trio of hagiographies from our boy JDV and the Golden Legend. Join us as we commemorate February with a look at the ever-penetrated St. Sebastian, #1 pig recovery specialist St. Blaise, and the iron-willed patron of bellmakers, St. Agatha! Since we provide all the details of their martyrdom, I think we're technically a true crime podcast now, so increase your sponsorship accordingly.

Topics of discussion: The most North Carolina miracle of all time, date night at Target, St. Baldomerus, Benito's distressing jeremiad against locksmiths, several mentions of the G.O.A.T. Erica Henderson, St. Sebastian's bad tactic for "helping," the best KISS song, Carp: the fruit of the sea, apartment buildings of ancient Rome, a stunning display of fragile masculinity, Chris's limited knowledge of porcupines, the dire consequences of intra-marital affairs, King Gumbert, the 14 Holy Helpers, questions for pápá, "Precious" Paul Ellering, boob cakes.

Hymnal: "Hail St. Sebastian" by the Mountain Goats, "Mamma Mia" by Stephen Mann of English Martyrs Church (