Rain is Boy Water

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Show Notes

Happy Apocryphersary, Theophiloi! To celebrate one year of the show, we're launching into one of our most requested texts: the apocalyptic, hallucinatory, and profoundly influential Book of Enoch. Written about 200 years or so after the beginning of time, this story follows a prophet who was so cool that God just took him up to heaven (or possibly the planet Krypton) so that they could hang out for eternity. Get ready for thirsty angels, crystal houses, and a debate over whether any of this is weirder than a dragon that likes butt stuff!

Topics of discussion: Angels, demons, and Dwayne, mid-level teens, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Benito's placement on a list of comic book stories, the dire consequences of angelic thirst, Nightcrawler's dad, forbidden cloud knowledge, AngelWatch, Dudiel the Bro of God, flaming fire, that time Ryan North fell into an empty pool and was trapped for an hour, John "James" Dee, the sexy truth about rain.

Hymnal: "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton

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